How it Works

Prior to listing your item(s) on eBay, Bucks4yourstuff will consult with you about that item. Each item must have an expected minimum value of $50.00 which will be determined during the consultation*.

If your item meets that requirement, you may drop it off at Bucks4yourstuff where you will receive a deposit slip for that item, much like going to the dry cleaners. Items should be clean, free of dirt and dust prior to drop off unless otherwise discussed (some items may be damaged by cleaning). A basic listing fee per item is due at drop off. (see listing fees below)

Your item will then be photographed, a description written and listed. When your item sells, it will be packaged with great care and shipped to the winning bidder. A sales commission, based upon the amount of the winning bid will be subtracted from the total amount of that winning bid. The rest is all yours!! A check for your sold item will be sent to you either by United States Postal Service or electronically through Pay Pal, whichever you prefer. You may also pick up your check at Bucks4yourstuff if you so desire. (see final sales commissions below)

Yes, it IS that easy!!



Listing Fees

Opening bid of $1.00-$1000.00...$10.00

Opening bid over $1000.00...$20.00

Commission Fees (does not include automotive, etc. fees)

If your item sells for:

$0.01-$50.00...40% sales commission

$50.01-$100.00...35% sales commission

$100.01-$250.00...30% sales commission

$250.01 or more...25% sales commission

Bucks4yourstuff will determine if your item should have a reserve price (a minimum acceptable bid) added to your auction. If bucks4yourstuff believes this is in your best interest, Bucks4yourstuff will incur associated fees, you will pay nothing for this.

*if you have items that do not meet the minimum expected sale price of $50.00, Bucks4yourstuff may extend an offer to purchase your smaller ticket items outright for resale.


Terms of Service

Bucks4yourstuff commission includes all transaction fees from eBay and Pay Pal.

If your item does not sell by the close of the auction, you will be refunded 50% of the Listing Fee Deposit, when the item is picked up within 7 days of bid closing, after which the refund shall be forfeited entirely unless other arrangements have been made by contacting bucks4yourstuff.

If you choose not to extend a second chance offer to the highest bidder on a non-winning auction with a reserve price, the Listing Fee Deposit will be forfeited.

A valid deposit slip must be provided to retrieve your item.

If the unsold item is not picked up within 14 days of auction closing, the item will be
discarded unless other arrangements have been made by contacting bucks4yourstuff.





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