Click here to visit the local sales store with pictures of items for sell locally including furniture, appliances, childrens' items, pet related items, cars, jewelry and more!

If you would like to place a full color picture ad in the local sales and wanted space, fees are as follows:

All catagories*-$5.00 for 30 day ad. Must include 1 (but no more than 3) photos, brief description, price and contact information as applicable.

*FREE ITEMS are free to list for 30 days but there is a limit of 1 photo.

All ads will be pulled after 30 days regardless of whether the item has sold or not. If your item does sell, it is appreciated if you let us know so we can pull your ad and you can avoid countless phone calls, etc.

All ads are uploaded on Monday so have your ads and their pictures in by Sunday. Sorry, only digital ads sent though email are accepted. Ads sent via regular mail will not be accepted and will not be returned.

Submit ads to: with subject line "for sale."

Submit payment via Pay Pal to

Personal checks are accepted but may result in delay of ad placement. Send checks to:

Bucks 4 Your Stuff
31250 Terry Park Rd.
Palmyra, IL 62674

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